Empowering Senior Seminars 2024

Senior Education Seminar Series 2024 is held monthly at 10 a.m. on Saturdays at Ygnacio Valley Library, 2661 Oak Grove Rd, Walnut Creek. Dates and topics are listed below. Please send an email to Ellen.Osmundson@gmail.com to register for the seminars. Thank you.

The senior population has been a fast growing age group. By 2030, 25% of the Contra Costa population will be 60 and older. In Walnut Creek, population of people 65 and older accounted for approximately 30% in 2022. As the numbers continue to grow, we need to get educated and to learn more about information and resources that are available in case we need them.

January 20 – Choice In Aging-Where Seniors Age in Place with Dignity 

More Americans are in their 60s, 70s and 80s than ever before. California has the most seniors in the nation, with those age 60+ expected to grow three times as fast as the rest of the state, making up 25% of the population by 2030. More and more, this population will be living alone, facing risks that can threaten their independence and quality of life.

Speaker: Debbie Toth, CEO of Choice In Aging


February 17 – Dementia and the Ways to Prevent and Treat It

Dementia is defined as the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interferes with doing everyday activities and Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia. Come and learn about the ways to spot the symptoms, figure out the causes and available treatments with the help of a doctor.

Speaker: Dr. Lawren Hicks, MD, John Muir Health


March 23 – Understanding Trusts and How an Estate Plan Saves Time, Money, and Taxes

Many seniors understand the importance of setting up a trust to make it convenient to transfer their assets to their heirs when the inevitable time comes. The important thing is to set up the trust correctly so that you will get the intended results of the trust.

Speaker: Matthew S. Avedilian of Avedikian Law


April 27 – Reverse Mortgage Myths vs Facts

Reverse mortgages appear to have a bad reputation from the past. The government stepped in decades ago to make sure seniors 62 and older who would benefit from the reverse mortgage programs are protected. Maria Kopf will share with us on how things have changed and how seniors can benefit from reverse mortgage programs.

Speaker: Maria Kopf, Loan Originator NMLS #1043430, Envoy Mortgage


May 18 – Meals on Wheels Does More Than Delivering Meals

Register Here: bit.ly/MealsOnWheels5-18-2024

Meal on Wheels Diablo Region is an organization with a mission to enhance the lives of older adults by delivering healthy meals and providing an array of supportive services that empower seniors to live independently, safely, and with dignity. Its vision is to see a community where older adults are respected and supported as they lead purposeful, healthy, and happy lives.

Speaker: Caitlin Sly, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels


June 22—How We Move Every Day

Register Here: bit.ly/HowWeMoveEveryDay-6-22-2024

Designing a realistic and enjoyable movement program is crucial to maintain balance, range of motion, and spatial awareness at any age. Susan Boreliz, a dance instructor and choreographer, will provide some resources to encourage movement of some kind every day. 

Speaker: Susan Boreliz, Community Engagement, Diablo Ballet


July 20—A Garden in Pots and on Wheels

Register Here: bit.ly/AGardenInPotsAndOnWheels7-20-2024

Putting plants in pots reduces the need for bending and hence reduces the stress on our back,  knees and hip joints. Putting pots on wheels provide ease as you move the plants around to make changes according to the seasons. A versatile and enjoyable garden is created while you are sitting on a stool of comfort.

Speaker: Leann Quinn, Sloat Garden Center


More Future Seminars:

August – Palliative Care to Maximize the Quality of Life and Mitigate Suffering

September – Probate, Power of Attorney and Trusts

October – Walnut Creek Village Pre-launch Reception

November – Real Estate Market 2024 in Review