Senior Education Seminar Series 2023

Senior Education Seminar Series 2023

Ellen Osmundson is a Senior Real Estate Specialist who is committed to serving the senior members of the Central
Costa County, especially in Walnut Creek where she calls home for more than thirty years. Ellen has a special appreciation for seniors not only for their inspiration and wisdom, it is, more importantly, because of their uncompromised
contributions to the society during their younger years. We and the younger generations are the beneficiaries of their
hard work. It is time for us to return the efforts while the elders are enjoying life in their revered years.


I believe Knowledge is Power. I am hosting a series of Senior Education Seminars to help educate the senior members
on subjects that are important to them but information maybe hard to find or not broadly discussed. If information is
available, they are often online and sometimes not that easy to understand.


The Senior Education Seminars are in-person seminars. Speakers are knowledgeable and experienced individuals who
will generously share their knowledge and important information with us. I hope you will continue to attend the seminars and continue to learn as we navigate in this world that seems to get more and more complicated everyday.


Here are the dates of the seminars: at the Ygnacio Valley Library:

Past seminar summaries are posted on the following pages.

Saturday, 7/29—Kickoff Seminar: Exposing Elder Scams and Abuse—Knowledge Is Power
Speaker: Mary Knox, Deputy District Attorney of Contra Costa County


Saturday, 8/26, at 10:00 a.m. —Senior Living Alternatives—You Don’t’ need to live in an Old Folks Home
Speaker: Veronica Sibley, Director of Marketing, Senior Alternatives Care Management
& Home Care Services


Saturday, 9/23, at 10:00 a.m. —What If You Don’t Have Long Term Care? Will You Lose Your Home for Medical Expenses If
you Get Sick?
Speaker: Anna Febiana, Independent Agent, Benefits Specialist, National Life Group


Saturday, 11/18, at 10:00 a.m. —Stay Put and Get Organized or Pack Up and Move – How do you approach such a daunting task in a house that you have lived in for decades?
Speaker: Kim Falahaty, Owner of Family Matters


More seminars are coming up in 2024.